Welcome to Beit Hall

Everything you need to know before the big day

Hello and congratulations on obtaining a position at Imperial College and Beit Hall! In this welcome letter, we cover what you need to know for your arrival and first few days in the Hall. Up-to-date information can be found on our website. As these are updated regularly, please check them the week before the start of term.

About Beit Hall

Beit Hall is one of the largest of Imperial’s Halls of Residence, housing around 340 students in a mixture of single and twin room accommodation. All rooms have Ethernet and telephone connections as well as Wi-Fi. There are excellent kitchens and social areas in the Hall. The two large Common Rooms located on the ground floor are equipped with a plasma TV, DVD player, a piano, table football, table tennis, pool table, video games, board games, and home theatre. The Imperial College Student Union just across the Quadrangle has many facilities including bars and food outlets. The proximity of the Union is convenient and fun; however, you may find that loud music and social gatherings can be heard from your room, especially on Wednesday and Friday nights. Beit Hall also has a series of rules for the sake of the community’s welfare, including a no smoking, no e-cigarette, and no illegal drugs policy.

Registering on eBeit

After accepting your offer you will be able to register with the Wardening Team at Beit Hall on eBeit.

Note: this is different from the College online registration.
You'll need to register to both and upload a photo to each before arriving or you will not have a personal swipe card (required for building access) printed for your arrival and will have to get one through the security office on your own.
You need to complete your eBeit registration by following this link before you can receive your keys.This process will include updating your Emergency Contact Information and accepting the Hall Rules. You will also be issued an Information Card, which you will need to bring on your first day. The Information Card will have directions to the Hall and a stamp for your Health Centre Registration. If you are already registered with a GP in London, they can stamp the Information Card. Otherwise, you will need to register with a GP at the Imperial College Health Centre when you arrive.

In order to register you will need:
- Your College Username and Password (probably your initials followed by 19)
- Your CID Number (College ID Number - probably starting 010 or 009)
- A headshot photo (similar/the same as your College ID card photo)

You must print out and bring your Information Card with you on Move-In day!

Where is Beit Hall?

Beit Hall is located on Prince Consort Road in the northern part of Imperial’s campus. It is right next to the Royal Albert Hall. Beit Hall occupies three sides of Beit Quadrangle, with the fourth side occupied by the Imperial Student Union. The nearest Underground stations are South Kensington or Gloucester Road, each 10 minutes’ walk from the Hall. Bus numbers 9, 10 and 52 have stops by the Royal Albert Hall, and bus number 360 is just outside the Hall. Your postal address will be:

Name, Room Number,
Imperial College London,
Beit Hall, Prince Consort Road,
London, SW7 2BB.

You will be told your room number when you arrive.


When you receive your accommodations offer, you will be provided the opportunity to sign up for a specific move-in date/time. You are expected to arrive only on the date and within the time frame specified. Only you and one other person will be allowed access into the hall for move in. For more information regarding moving in including parking information, please refer to this link.

What to bring, and what not to bring

Be realistic - don’t bring too much. Remember you will only be spending 39 weeks here. Bring essentials such as your books, clothes, some bedding materials (duvet, pillow, linen) and basic cooking utensils. Additionally, many of you may wish to bring your PC, music system or TV. You are not allowed to have a fridge, microwave or any other electric kitchen appliances in your room. These are already provided in your kitchen. As Beit is a non-smoking hall, no smoking, candles and incense sticks are allowed in the hall. Please remember we strictly enforce rules about noise so drum kits are not advisable! Note that you cannot keep you bicycle in the Hall. While there are spaces to lock your bike up outside the Hall, please be conscientious to secure your bike with a D-lock, as this is London and cycle theft does happen. If your cycle is particularly valuable, it is best to leave it at home. There are no long-term parking spaces available, so please don’t bring your car. There are plant and poster sales on campus throughout the year but posters can only be put up on the notice board in your room, so don’t bring too many.

Local Amenities

Please see our Local Information page for more details.

Wardening Team

We are a team of members of academic staff and post-graduate students. See our profiles with contact information on this website. Our primary function is to give you support and advice on all the issues that you will encounter while studying and living at Imperial. We will also help you organise the social life of the Hall and appoint a Hall Committee. During the evenings, weekends and holidays, there is a Duty Warden on call to help you. The Duty Warden’s mobile number is: 07764285894 or internal extension 57710. You will want to save this number on your phone.

Hall Seniors

These are a special group of undergraduate students, asked to stay in Halls for an extra year. Their job is to take you under their wing and give you a proper introduction to the College from a student’s perspective. They also work closely with the wardening team to organise and run Hall events, especially for the first few weeks of the term. If you are interested to be involved in this fun community and have a say in the social events run throughout the year, look out for the appointment of the Hall Committee, made up of Hall Seniors, Wardens and residents (you!). We meet once every 2 weeks to discuss and decide on the type of hall events to be run throughout the year.

Welcome Week Events

During your first week at Beit Hall, we have a jam-packed week of top-notch events to welcome you to the Hall! See our events schedule in the Guidebook app and connect with us on Facebook or Instagram. Also don't forget to download your digital "Beit Me" welcome guide - it is full of information to help you navigate your life at Beit!

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about moving in? Check out our FAQ page.

We look forward to meeting you all!
—Beit Hall Wardens