Meet the team!

The Wardens

We are a team of members of academic staff, post-graduate and under-graduate students. Our primary function is to give you support and advice on all the major and minor issues that you will encounter in coming to study and live at Imperial. We will also be helping you organise the social life of the Hall, and helping you to appoint a Hall Committee. The team operates a coordinated system of warden cover.

Savvas Saouros


Floor E2, flat 243
Post-Doctoral Researcher, Biochemistry.

Hello and welcome to Imperial College and Beit Hall. I am Savvas the Warden and a researcher in the department of Biochemistry. Originally from Cyprus, I have spent the last years at Imperial. Having lived in a number of Halls I can assure you that this is one of the best (if not the best) place to live.

I am supported by a team of enthusiastic wardens and we aim to help you enjoy the best possible student experience by providing pastoral care, organising events and looking after your general well-being. So please feel free to approach us and let us know of how you are doing! I look forward to meeting you during the coming year.

Max Munford

Assistant Warden

Floor W4, flat 420
Postgraduate, Mechanical Engineering, Biomechanics.

Welcome to Beit Hall! My name is Max and I’m the Assistant Warden. Our wardening team is excited to welcome you to Beit and ensure you have an amazing experience while you are here! We have been busy getting ready for the year and planning a great range of events for Welcome Week, so make sure you check out our website for questions and updates. There are also lots of opportunities for you to get involved in the hall during the year so get in touch with your Hall Senior for ideas! Our team is here for you throughout the year and are happy to hear from you - feel free to reach out to us via email, eBeit, or Microsoft Teams.

Outside of the Assistant Warden role, I am researching additive manufacturing for bioengineering. I am currnetly developing bone regenerating orthopaedic implants which can keep patients healthy and active as they age. I grew up in the UK and completed my undergrad here at Imperial in Mechanical Engineering. When I’m not working in the lab, you can find me trying new restaurants, cooking, reading or playing piano.

Morgan Nightingale


Floor S3, flat 342
Postgraduate, Aeronautics.

Hi there, my name is Morgan, a postgraduate in the department of Aeronautics. I've been at Imperial for seven years where I have done my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. I’m here to make sure you have as an amazing time as I have at Imperial! I am particularly interested in anything outdoors and always up for a chat about robotics or space. I look forward to meeting you all!

Edmund Jones


Floor WG, flat 030
Postgraduate, Mechanical Engineering.

Hello, and welcome to Beit hall and Imperial. My name is Edmund, I am a PhD student in the Mechanical Engineering department. I was originally from Gloucestershire, I moved to Oxford to work for an Engineering company before I undertook my undergraduate degree at Imperial (so I know how you all feel and the exciting and challenging adventure you are beginning). During my Undergrad I have been heavily involved with sport at Imperial, specifically Triathlon, Cross country and Athletics, and have had a go at many other sports with varying degrees of success. My interests extend outside of sport too, including photography and music! I hope you have a great year to start your life at imperial.

Eloise Hunt


Floor W2, flat 222
Postgraduate, Life Sciences.

Hi all, congratulations on surviving the stress of getting into Imperial during a pandemic! My name is Eloise and I’m a palaeontologist (yes, like Ross from Friends) researching fossil bird evolution at the Natural History Museum. I loved doing my Earth Science undergraduate at Imperial. After completing my masters at the University of Bristol, I am excited to be back here to start the first year of my PhD! In my free time, I love baking, ballroom and latin dancing, yoga, painting in Hyde Park, and wandering around London’s museums. I look forward to meeting you and helping you to make a great start to your time at Imperial!

Sarah Hiew


Floor W1, flat 107
Postgraduate, Materials.

Hi there! I am glad you choose Beit Hall! My name is Sarah and after completing my undergrad degree in Swansea, here I am doing my PhD! It can be difficult being so far away from home but know that you are not alone. Originally from Malaysia, I had also faced many challenges in adapting to the culture here. However, I was blessed with many beautiful friendships along the way which has helped me to where I am today. So I hope that your stay here would also be a meaningful adventure in meeting amazing individuals and discovering who you are. If you ever need a listening ear, we are always here for you!

Sonja Tang


Floor EG, flat 032
Postgraduate, School of Public Health.

Hi! Welcome to Beit Hall! My name is Sonja and I’m a biostatistics PhD student at the School of Public Health. I’m originally from the beautiful city of Vienna and moved to London for my undergraduate studies in neuroscience and postgraduate studies in health data analytics and machine learning (it’s a mouthful, I know). I understand how daunting it is to move to a new country, but the wardening team is here for you. I hope that you will fall in love with London like I did within a few weeks of moving here and find your community at Imperial and beyond soon enough. Do keep an eye out for events that the hall seniors and wardens have organised for you, and feel free to ask us any questions via email, eBeit, or Microsoft Teams! Aside from my PhD and subwardening, I enjoy a range of sports, including archery, skateboarding, swimming, and frisbee, as well as board and video games.

Amy Monahan


Floor W1, flat 142
Postgraduate, Materials.

Hi all, and welcome to Beit Hall! My name is Amy, and I am starting my PhD this year in the department of Materials. I will be looking at the use of nanoparticles for biomedical imaging and am excited to begin my Imperial journey alongside you! I am originally from a tiny village in County Carlow, Ireland, and I understand the transition to university life can be difficult, especially when moving to a big city. Getting involved in clubs and societies can really help in my experience, as it allows you to try something new and meet like-minded people. Outside of my subwarden duties I can be found rock-climbing, going to West End shows or exploring London’s beautiful parks. I look forward to meeting you all this year!

The Hall Seniors

These are a special group of undergraduate students asked to stay in Halls for an extra year. Their job is to take you under their wing and give you a proper introduction to the College from a student’s perspective. They also work closely with the wardening team to organise and run Hall events, especially for the first few weeks of the term – after which we will form a Committee from the new residents to take over some of these duties.

Shyana Ashita Gopy

Hi everyone! I’m Shyana - a fourth year Chemical Engineering student from West London. First things first, congratulations on getting into Imperial and welcome to Beit! This year is going to be filled with new and exciting experiences and our entire team is here to support you through it all. Now is your opportunity to go out and explore South Ken for all its beauty, join as many societies as possible and to always keep pushing for that degree. I hope to see you all soon and look forward to our many chats.

George Ge

Hello freshers! First of all, a warm welcome to Imperial College and in particular Beit Hall! I’m George, a 4th Year Aeronautics with Space Engineering student. I hope you enjoy living in Beit, with its close proximity to the main South Kensington campus (~2 min run to lectures), uni gym Ethos, Hyde Park and the various museums on Exhibition Road. It’s also located in the heart of London, making it convenient to travel to almost every part of the city. For me, tennis is my love, while planes define my life! I also enjoy reading and listening to music to relax.

Bogdana-Gabriela Nica

Hi, guys! Welcome to Imperial and most importantly to Beit! My name is Bogdana and I’m a 2nd Year Earth and Planetary Sciences student. We all know how hard it could be to leave home, especially during this period, but I hope your time as freshers will be one of the most exciting experiences! My first piece of advice for you would be: go see as many places as you can in London, do not be afraid to ask any sort of question, try as many things as possible and make lots of friends! I am very eager to meet anyone who is coming to Beit!! I am positive I can give some great book and movie recommendations; I enjoy wondering around London, finding interesting exhibitions and museums; I am an exceptional listener and I absolutely adore making new friends! We can even talk about cute rocks or fossils if you are into that! Have an amazing first year and see you all around!

Rea Tresa

Hello there! First and foremost - massive congratsfor making it to Imperial! My name is Rea and I am a third year student in Molecular Bioengineering. I spent my first year in Beit as a fresher and my second as a hall senior. I have absolutely loved my time here, and I am so much looking forward to helping you make the most out of this experience. From being only a walking distance to campus and some of the main attractions in London, to being able to see Rihanna and Emilia Clarke from the comfort of your window, Beit is full of things to love. Starting uni can seem a bit daunting at first, but fear not dear fresher! Being only a knock (or Teams call) away, your hall seniors are here to help you in every step of the way :D

Wei Xin Chua

Hello! My name is Wei Xin. I am a second year Chemistry student. Congratulations on making your offer and I can't wait to meet all of you soon. I enjoy cooking, baking, going to the gym, listening to music and hanging out with friends. Moving away from home can be daunting, but I am sure you will settle in well. You will be living right beside Royal Albert Hall, a quick walk away from Hyde Park and really close to campus, so be excited for all the new things you will see and experience. Feel free to drop me a message if you have any questions.

Shannan Huang

Hey there, and first off, congrats – you’re coming to Imperial!! I’m Shannan, a 2nd year chemical engineer, and the Hall Senior on Floor S2. I’m massively looking forward to welcoming you to Beit – it’s definitely one of the liveliest places to kickstart your time at uni! A bit about me: I enjoy reading fiction, going on long walks, bingeing TV shows and playing sports – at Imperial, I’m part of the Cross Country and Athletics club and the Cheerleading club (highly recommend both!), but I also really want to try new ones, including volleyball (largely motivated by Haikyuu haha) and Muay Thai. Do come say hi because I’m always up for a chat or exploring new places in London, so I can’t wait to meet you and run exciting events to bounce back from 2020/21 with a bang :D

Jaehyun Kim

Hello everyone! Congratulations on getting into Imperial, and welcome to Beit Hall! My name is Jaehyun, a second-year Maths student. I was a fresher staying at Beit Hall last academic year, and I really enjoyed the friendly atmosphere and all the experiences that I had. During my free time, I enjoy playing games and listening to music. I hope you have an entertaining one year at Beit Hall, and I cannot wait to see you guys!

Francesca Covella

Hi everyone! I’m Francesca, a fourth-year student of Aeronautical Engineering. I love space exploration, manned and unmanned, so let me know if there is an astronaut in town. During my free time, I love doing sport, reading, go to museums, concerts, and events in London and have fun with my friends. You will discover that Imperial and London have a lot to offer, and I’ll hope you can take full advantage of your time here. I’m very friendly and open to questions, suggestions for hall activities and always up for a chat. Besides science I love foreign languages, as I believe a multicultural environment is fundamental to grow as individuals, be more open-minded and aware of the world we live in. I hope that together we can spend a serene, productive, and fun year, following health care regulations, but still engaging and benefitting from the hall environment. Ad maiora!

Anna Schwarzenbach

Congratulations on getting into Imperial! You’ve worked incredibly hard; now welcome to an exciting year full of new opportunities and experiences. Time will fly, so make the most of it! You’ll be living in one of the halls closest to campus, with arguably the prettiest places in London directly on your doorstep. I’m Anna, a final year biochemist and I’ll do my best to help you settle in and give you a memorable freshers experience. In my free time, I enjoy exploring London, synthetic biology, trying new foods and synchronised swimming (almost a complete beginner though). Looking forward to meeting all of you soon!

Syn Lyn (Celine) Nyon

Hello, and welcome to Beit! My name is Celine and I am a second-year Biological Sciences student. For the most of my first year, I (unfortunately) stayed cooped up in my room - no thanks to miss Rona. Now that things are (hopefully) getting a little better, I encourage you to get out there and join that club or society you’ve been eyeing! I know that heading into a whole new chapter in your life that is university can sound a little daunting, but don’t be afraid to put yourself out there, and make the most of your university life. Some of the things I love include watching a good film, exploring new places, having delish food, and a good chat. Looking forward to meeting you all soon, and I hope you all have a brilliant first year!

Rasmus Hildebrandt

Hi guys, congrats on getting into Imperial and a place at Beit! My name is Rasmus, and I’m entering my 3rd year of biological sciences. I’m originally from quiet little Denmark, so coming to bustling London was slightly daunting, but as you will be staying in Beit you will be getting a fantastic combination of both a peaceful university atmosphere plus all London has to offer. You will be in a little university bubble just a few minutes from lectures, labs, library and our university bars as well as convenient transport links to all of London’s sights, food, and nightlife. I’m looking forward to welcoming you to Beit and giving you a great freshers week, but if I don’t get to talk to you directly, my number one recommendation for your time at Imperial will be to find and join some of our amazing societies!

Chris Weatherilt

Hey guys! My name is Chris and I’m a 4th year Aeronautical Engineering student. Congratulationsfor making it into Imperial College, you should be very proud! Luckily for you, you’ve only gone and chosen the best halls at Imperial, and I hope you have a tremendous year with us. My advice would be to try everything that Imperial and London have to offer. Join as many clubs and societies as you can, and just try and meet as many people as you can! Imperial has such a diverse group of individuals from every corner of the planet and with the campus and union at your doorstep, you’re spoilt for choice! My main hobbies are playing the trumpet, watching sport, and going to the gym (Ethos is a 3 min walk from the halls, so super convenient). I look forward to meeting you all and if you have any questions about life in halls, I would be more than happy to answer them!

Hall Supervisor

The Hall Supervisor can be contacted for any issues regarding the premises, the rooms or furniture. They are located on the ground floor, past the West Common Room (WCR), on weekdays 9am-5pm. If you have any issues, you can fill out a defect form and they will be taken care of as soon as possible.