Meet the team !

The Wardens

We are a team of members of academic staff, post-graduate and under-graduate students. Our primary function is to give you support and advice on all the major and minor issues that you will encounter in coming to study and live at Imperial. We will also be helping you organise the social life of the Hall, and helping you to appoint a Hall Committee. The team operates a coordinated system of warden cover.

Savvas Saouros


Floor E2, flat 243
Post-Doctoral Researcher, Biochemistry.

Hello and welcome to Imperial College and Beit Hall. I am Savvas the Warden and a researcher in the department of Biochemistry. Originally from Cyprus, I have spent the last years at Imperial. Having lived in a number of Halls I can assure you that this is one of the best (if not the best) place to live.

I am supported by a team of enthusiastic wardens and we aim to help you enjoy the best possible student experience by providing pastoral care, organising events and looking after your general well-being. So please feel free to approach us and let us know of how you are doing! I look forward to meeting you during the coming year.

Freddie Page

Assistant Warden

Floor W4, flat 420
Strategic Teaching Fellow, Dyson School of Design Engineering.

Hello and a warm welcome to Beit Hall! I'm Freddie, the Assistant Warden. Along with the rest of the wardening team, it's my job to ensure that you have a great experience during your time here at Beit. The team has been preparing for a cracking Welcome Week with lots of exciting things to do, make sure to check out all the details as they come through here on our website and facebook, and get involved with everything. We're also here to help when things aren't going so well. For problems big or small you can always get in contact with us and we'll work together to find a solution. My room is 420 on the South West 4 Corner.

Outside of wardening, I am a part of the teaching staff at the Dyson School of Design Engineering, my background is in theoretical physics, studying how light travels along graphene sheets. If I'm not in the office or running around Hyde Park, you can usually find me in my room, probably trying to play one of my musical instruments. Come visit for a tea and a chat!

Jack Cordrey


Floor W2, flat 222
Postgraduate, Chemical Engineering.

Hello and a warm welcome to Beit Hall and Imperial College. Congratulations on securing your place at this prestigious university. I’ll be the subwarden for the South 2 and West 3 corridors, but all of you are welcome to find me in Room 222. I am currently studying for my PhD in Chemical Engineering working on synthetic biopharmaceuticals. With your first year in Beit Hall, take full advantage of being close to campus and the Union, with events run year round, and the great city of London at your doorstep, there will always be plenty to do and plenty to explore. Look forward to meeting you all, if you want to have a chat, need help or advice, about college, academics, sports including e-sports or anything, I will be there for you.

Julia Sun


Floor E3, flat 342
Postgraduate, Bioengineering.

Welcome to Beit! My name is Julia and I’m a PhD student working on new nanotechnology-based devices for neuroscience. I grew up in the American Midwest and completed my undergrad at MIT before moving to London as a Fulbright Scholar and have been in love with the city ever since. When I’m not working in the cleanroom, I enjoy teaching as a GTA, traveling to new cities, and volunteering with St John Ambulance. I’m looking forward to meeting all of you and welcoming you to Beit Hall. Please feel free to stop by my room in E3 if you ever need a chat or advice, I’m always happy to listen and talk!

Edmund Jones


Floor WG, flat 030
Postgraduate, Mechanical Engineering.

Hello, and welcome to Beit hall and Imperial. My name is Edmund, I am a PhD student in the Mechanical Engineering department. I was originally from Gloucestershire, I moved to Oxford to work for an Engineering company before I undertook my undergraduate degree at Imperial (so I know how you all feel and the exciting and challenging adventure you are beginning). During my Undergrad I have been heavily involved with sport at Imperial, specifically Triathlon, Cross country and Athletics, and have had a go at many other sports with varying degrees of success. My interests extend outside of sport too, including photography and music! I hope you find me approachable, please come to me for a chat or if you need any advice about college life, course work or just a cup of tea! I will endeavour to help or direct you to someone who can! I hope you have a great year to start your life at imperial.

Cassandra Kennedy


Floor EG, flat 032
Postgraduate, Chemistry.

Hello everyone, welcome to Imperial and to Beit! My name is Cass and I’m a 3rd year PhD student. I grew up in leafy Hertfordshire before moving to Oxford for my undergraduate in Chemistry, and then came to Imperial for my MRes and PhD in the Institute for Chemical Biology. When I’m not in the lab you can find me swimming, cycling and running with Imperial Triathlon Club, or in my room starting a random craft project.

Milia Hasbani


Floor E1, flat 142
Postgraduate, Bioengineering.

Hello, and welcome to Imperial! My name is Milia, and I’m a PhD student in the department of Bioengineering, where I’ve spent the last few years studying for my undergrad. During this time I’ve been heavily involved in all things Union-related, especially clubs and societies, so hopefully I can help if you have any questions on that front. There are so many things to do at Imperial and so many opportunities, so try to make the most of your time here. I’ve also lived in Beit for a while, and I can tell you with confidence that it is an amazing place to be, not only because of the location, but also because of the great vibes and community spirit. I’ll be in room 142 - feel free to stop by if you have questions, want advice, or just want to have a chat!

Morgan Nightingale


Floor W1, flat 107
Postgraduate, Aeronautics.

My name is Morgan and I'm starting my first year of my PhD in the Aeronatics department. I've been at Imperial for fours years doing my undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering and I'm extremely excited to help you have as an amazing time as I have. I'm interested in anything outdoors and always up for a chat about robotics or space. Feel free to come talk to me about any issues. I look forward to meeting you all!

The Hall Seniors

These are a special group of undergraduate students asked to stay in Halls for an extra year. Their job is to take you under their wing and give you a proper introduction to the College from a student’s perspective. They also work closely with the wardening team to organise and run Hall events, especially for the first few weeks of the term – after which we will form a Committee from the new residents to take over some of these duties.


Hey IC Freshers, welcome to Beit! I’m Charlotte, a 4th year mechanical engineering student and 4th time Beit resident. You will soon realise that Beit is the place to be and not just because we are in the middle of a golden triangle; lectures, the gym and Hyde Park are just 5 minutes away! I’m originally from the depths of the English countryside, but love living in London and am always up for exploring. I’m a sporty, health nut and love cooking. Why not join me for yoga and handstand practice in Hyde Park? IC has loads of societies on offer so branch out and get stuck in. I’m an eco warrior and know that together we can keep making Beit more sustainable! Find me on the East Ground corridor, I’m always up for a chat. Looking forward to meeting you all and let the adventures begin…


Hey, guys. I’m Zahra and I’m going into my second year of Chemical Engineering. I lived in Beit as a fresher and loved it so much I came back as a hall senior! I love spicy food, watching American sitcoms, reading crime thrillers and comic books. Your degrees are important, but I also implore you all to make sure you leave here having met new people and made great memories because this is the best place to so that. I’m all about exploring London and finding the best places to visit and eat as a student. I love music and dancing so I’m one of those rare specimens that don’t drink but enjoy clubbing from cheesy pop to hip-hop/RnB. You can find me on W3 if you want any recommendations on things to do or just want to talk.


Hello! Welcome to Beit and to Imperial! Congratulations on your offer! My name is Suraiya and I’m a third-year medical student. Having lived in Beit the past two years, I can objectively state that it is the best hall. The mystery of how to pronounce it, only adds to its glamour and intrigue. All that remains to be said is soak it all up! You are a student in one of the most beautiful parts of London! Get to know South Ken, join some of the plethora of societies and make sure you sleep! (You have no excuse, you are literally so close to lectures). Looking forward to meeting you all in September!


Hi everyone! I’m Dan, a third-year medical student at Imperial. Congratulations on securing a place at Imperial - all your hard work is about to start paying off! Beit Hall is a great place to live and there’s plenty to do in South Ken, and we’re here to help you make the most of it! In my spare time I enjoy volunteering with ICSM and exploring London! If you have any questions about ICSM, Imperial, or student life in general, feel free to give me shout! I’ll see you around soon!


Hey guys! Welcome to Beit! I’m Tom, a third-year mechanical engineering student. I was lucky enough to stay in Beit during my first year, so I know it’s the best hall to live in. I spend most of my free time exercising, watching movies and listening to music. With some of London’s greatest attractions at your doorstep, there is plenty to see and do. Studying at Imperial can be tough but the team here at Beit are here to ensure that you have a memorable first year and that there is always someone to talk to if you need it. You can find me on E1 if you’d like to drink some tea, want advice or if you just want to chat. I look forward to meeting you! :D


Hey Freshers, my name is Shomik and I’m currently a 3rd Year Aeronautical Eng student. Congrats on getting into Imperial and most importantly the best hall this uni has to offer! There is no doubt you’ll have tremendous fun here, because living in the heart of South Ken exposes you to a plethora of London’s best attractions and means all of your campus needs are right on your doorstep! We know leaving the comfort of your home and starting uni can be a daunting prospect for some, but we are here to make sure that you feel acclimatised and love every minute of it! My main hobbies are running our student cinema, visiting live studio recordings and dabbling in hip-hop dancing, and I’m also keen on creating a Sunday league football group for the hall. You can find me at S1 if you want to join me in any of these activities, talk about anything or simply want a game of FIFA - just be prepared for tears. I look forward to meeting you all!


Hey freshers! I’m Shyana, your local S4 Hall Senior, now going into my second year of Chemical Engineering. Firstly, congratulations on getting into Imperial! There are so many more exciting things to come your way. Beit truly is the best hall, it’s on-campus, right next to the union and in the centre of so many attractions. Feel free to ask me any questions you have about university life, socialising, London (I’m from here), anything really! I’m always up for a chat.


Hello everyone and welcome to Beit! I’m Nan, a final year Biochemist, singer (I rarely stop), actor and one of your Hall Senior’s this year. First, congratulations – you’ve made it here! I won’t lie, it’s going to be a lot of hard work, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for enjoyment… London is one of the most vibrant and beautiful cities in the world with so much to see and do, and Beit, only 2 minutes from the main campus, is the focal point for all the main parties and events, so make the most of it! Coming to university is a big change, some find it harder than others, and that really is all right, but the best thing to do is be yourself. If you’re not so sure who that is yet, find yourself, try new things and dive in head-first; make mistakes (try to avoid the catastrophic variety) – it’s only natural – but above all, enjoy! And if there is ever a moment where you need some help or someone to talk to, then reach out – my door is always open – because it’s always better knowing that there’s someone who cares in your corner. So, have an amazing first year – and I can’t wait to meet you all!

Emily T

Hey everyone! Well done on securing a place at Imperial and welcome to Beit! My name is Emily and I’m a second year Design Engineering student. Outside of academics, I enjoy badminton and listening to music, as well as making use of the fact that Hyde Park is just a short stroll away! Living here, you can enjoy the luxuries of rolling out of bed ten minutes before a lecture, participating in the wide range of unique social events that we run here at Beit, and exploring the numerous museums that London has to offer. So feel free to knock on my door in the East Basement for a chat or some advice, and I look forward to meeting you all soon!


Hello freshers! First of all, a warm welcome to Imperial College and in particular Beit Hall! I’m George, a 2nd Year Aeronautical Engineering student. Enjoy living in Beit to the fullest as I believe it is a special privilege with its close proximity to not just the campus (~2 min run to lectures) and uni gym Ethos, but also Hyde Park, the Royal Albert Hall (celebrity events!) and the many in-house events we run every week. It’s also located in the heart of London making it convenient to travel to almost every part of the city. For me, tennis is my love, while planes define my life!! I also enjoy reading and listening to music to relax. I’ll be in W1, so if you’ve got questions both serious and light-hearted, feel free to hit me up!


Hi Freshers! Congratulations for starting university and welcome to Beit Hall! I’m Francesca, I study Aeronautical Engineering and I look forward to meet you all. The first year at university flies by, but it’s reach of new, amazing experiences. I’ll give my best to support you to overcome some of the challenges you’ll face and to share with you moments of happiness and joy. Be brave as you’re starting this journey with other fantastic freshers and take as much as Imperial has to offer! A presto!


Hi guys!! My name’s Saaras and I’m a third year mechanical engineering student. Well done!! You made it to Imperial College. Now time to enjoy. Just make sure you don’t spend all of your time working, there are literally hundreds of societies you can take part in and there’s something for everyone. I’m part of boxing and IC hockey society and I can whole heartedly recommend both. Hopefully you’re going love Beit. We’re planning loads of socials throughout your freshers week and more throughout the year. And I can’t forget to mention how close you are to campus. I look forward to meeting you all in September!

Emily C

Hi there, my name is Emily and congratulations on securing a place at Imperia! I’m a second year student studying Molecular Bioengineering. I was born in Canada but raised in China, and I really enjoy the well-rounded and international atmosphere of Imperial halls. The best part of living in Beit is that you can get enough sleep (which you will soon realize the importance of) by living 3 minutes walk away from campus. Fresher year at Imperial can be stressful but with the help and support from the Beit Hall Seniors and Warden team, I’m sure you will feel just like home. I’m keen with working out, cooking and exploring London. Find me on the West 4th floor, I’m always up for a chat! Looking forward to meeting you all :)


Hey guys, first of all, congratulations for getting into Imperial and I look forward to welcoming you into the best hall! I'm Nick, a 3rd year Maths student. I was raised only 30 minutes from London, so know all the best places to go to wind down and to see the sights if you ever need suggestions. Coming to University, especially Imperial is quite a big work load, but that doesn't mean you can't have as much fun (or even more) than other Unis. Being in London, there's tonnes of places to go out. This and the fact that Imperial has hundreds of societies and groups to join means no two days will ever be the same. That being said, if you ever need someone to talk to or any advice on how to balance work life and social life, just come knock on my room in S2, I'll be more than happy to have a chat about anything you need.


Heya! Welcome to Beit, welcome to Imperial, welcome! I can't wait to meet you all soon, and help you get started at uni. What an amazing year it's going to be: so busy, so crazy, so exciting. I'm Inês, a 3rd year Materials Science and Engineering student. I love reading, writing, travelling, playing & listening to music - oh, and daydreaming! You'll most likely find me in the kitchen baking a sweet treat, so if life's ever got you down, come find me for cake, rants and laughs. Because no matter how overwhelming uni might get for you, you're not alone and the Hall Seniors are all here to make you feel welcome and comfy in this brand new world. Living at Beit is amazing! You're so close to lectures, and to the museums and Hyde Park. It's so easy to just explore London and - well, we can talk about it more in the fall! I'll see you very soon!

Hall Supervisor

The Hall Supervisor can be contacted for any issues regarding the premises, the rooms or furniture. They are located on the ground floor, past the West Common Room (WCR), on weekdays 9am-5pm. If you have any issues, you can fill out a defect form and they will be taken care of as soon as possible.